Department Background

Human Rights struggles have historically been part of the union since the early days of organizing.  Our Human Rights work took another major step forward within months of the CAW becoming a Canadian Union. 

We are leaders in breaking new ground and stimulating change in achieving equality and eliminating discriminatory attitudes and practices.  The CAW is committed to working towards the creation of a society in which all persons are treated with dignity and respect. 

In 1988, the union adopted a Anti-Harassment Policy and in the same year also developed a 40-hour Human Rights Program which is updated regularly.  Increasingly, we negotiate agreements which include Joint Workplace Human Rights Training for all workers, paid by the employer.  In 1991, at the CAW's Constitutional Convention, and Affirmative Action Policy (not a quota system), was adopted which, among other initiatives, called for special leadership and activist training for aboriginal workers, workers of colour and women.  These courses have assisted in breaking down barriers to the full participation of both groups in the overall like of the union. 

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