To reach the Communications Department,

please call: (416) 495-3771 or email:

*For urgent media inquiries, please contact
CAW Communications Director Shannon Devine (416)-302-1699

Find us on Twitter: CAWCommunicate

The CAW Communications Department is responsible for national union publications and audio visual production within the union as well as media relations and communications outside the union.

CONTACT, the weekly CAW newsletter, is the vehicle for getting out news about the union. CONTACT is mailed to local union leaders and the media.

Besides the regular publications, the communications department also produces a variety of special materials. When the union undertakes a major campaign, the communications staff, working with the research department, produces the materials that get the information to CAW members. As well the department is involved in production of posters, videos, and ads and prepare campaign brochures, booklets, radio and television ads for major for organizing drives.

Other ongoing work of the communications staff involves producing national workplace posters, coalitions and culture groups.

The Communications Department also reports to the print and electronic media on contract settlements, disputes and union policy and trains local union members in communication and media.